About Tutu by You

Tutu by You was dreamt up in 2018 over many a kid’s dinner chaos by cousins and best friends, Steph and Em.

Sharing a Prosecco together, the girls would watch the kids twirl around in their bolognese covered dress ups and dream about creating something that inspired their kids to own their individuality and express themselves in their own style… and Tutu by You was born.

Bright, bold and super fun, Tutu by You is all about joy, laughter and exploring everyday adventures in colour!

Encompassing all things that sparkle and make kids happy, Tutu by You encourages you to mix and match your outfits - your style, your way.


Pop of difference? The tutus twirl like no other and are made with serious adventures in mind. Head of Selling Stuff, Emily Murray says "We are actively encouraging theses tutus to be climbing trees and jumping in puddles. They are thoughtfully designed with layers of soft tulle to ensure that the material can seriously twirl!"

Head of Creating Stuff, Steph Young says "We really wanted to create an experience from start-to-finish that would be fun at every step of the way, from designing to receiving to wearing. Every detail has been thought through with fun in mind!"

‚ÄúWe hope you and the kids love it as much as we have loved bringing it to you!‚ÄĚ ¬†

Steph & Em

"Gorgeous outfits and accessories, unbeatable customer care, exciting fun shop!!"

Steph Cochrane


"What a fun innovative present for kids. My crazy little ones love it!"

Sam Robertson


"These tutus are absolutely beautiful. It was so fun having my little one to choose her full outfit from the leotard, tutu and accessories."

Fiona Manuel

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